Getting Connected

Who can connect?

VANIX welcomes all participants! You should, however, have a public Autonomous System Number, as all connections at VANIX are established using BGP4. You should also have IP space to advertise – IPv4 and/or IPv6.

Where do we connect?

A VANIX Core Switch is located at each of the following locations:

  • Harbour Centre Tower, 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 4N5
    • 6th Floor, MMR 6B, Cabinet 3-E “Skyway West 3”
    • 21st Floor, Peer1 Hosting
  • Harbour Centre Spencer Building, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 5K3
    • BCNET
  • Cologix VAN2, 1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4T3
    • Suite 212, Cabinet VAN2.2.212.0.A.C023

You can also connect to our Legacy Extensions, at Peer1 and BCNET. Please contact these organizations directly to arrange this.

How do we request a connection?

A connection may be requested directly into any of the VANIX Core switches by sending an email inquiry to for most locations, or for Spencer Building.

With this request please include some additional detail:

  • The exact location of your equipment
  • The media type and connection speed
  • Equipment vendor, model, configuration.
  • Your Autonomous System Number
  • The MAC address of your Layer 3 equipment
  • The technical contact person for your organization(not publicly displayed)
  • Your peering contact(this will be displayed on our website)
  • Your peering policy: Open, Closed, Selective
  • A link to your peering requirements, if available

Connection Rules

  • Broadcast traffic must not be sent to VANIX except as required for normal operations
  • IPv6 Router Solicitation or Advertisement packets must be disabled
  • Spanning tree must be disabled
  • Layer 2 protocols such as CDP, UDLD, EDP, VTP, DTP, LLDP must be disabled
  • Interior routing protocols such as OSPF, ISIS, IGRP, and EIGRP must not operate over the exchange vlan
  • PIM traffic must not be sent to the exchange
  • Participants must use BGP4 to exchange routing information
  • Participants may not point a default route towards another exchange member without their express consent
  • Members should use a Layer 3 port where possible, Layer 2 ports may only advertise a single mac address

For configuration guidelines also see:

What does it cost?

In order to operate a high-quality Public Exchange Point, VANIX charges the following fees for services and connections.

Peers must be directly connected to the VANIX exchange. Transport or cross-connections are the responsibility of the Participant. All fees subject to applicable British Columbia taxes.

Port Speed Installation Fee Recurring Fee
1 Gbps Port $1,000 $1,200/yr
10 Gbps Port (< 4Gbps Utilization) $1,500 $2,400/yr
10 Gbps Port $1,500 $6,000/yr

Port Fees are invoiced yearly, paid in advance, prorated to Dec 31st as required

On-demand or on-site Support Per Hour
Regular Hours $150.00
Off Hours $300.00

Email support is available at no cost, staffed by volunteers so “best effort” availability only

Administration Fee
Bank Wire Transfers $15.00 (per transfer)
Paper Invoice $5.00 (per invoice)