Getting Connected

Who can connect?

VANIX welcomes all participants! You should, however, have a public Autonomous System Number, as all connections at VANIX are established using BGP4. You should also have IP space to advertise – IPv4 and/or IPv6.

Where do we connect?

A VANIX Core Switch is located at each of the following locations:

  • Harbour Centre Tower, 555 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 4N5
    • 6th Floor, MMR 6B, Cabinet 3-E “Skyway West 3”
    • 21st Floor, Cogeco Peer 1 Hosting
  • Harbour Centre Spencer Building, 515 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC V6B 5K3
    • BCNET
  • Cologix VAN2, 1050 West Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 4T3
    • Suite 212, Cabinet VAN2.2.212.0.A.C023


How do we request a connection?

A connection may be requested directly into any of the VANIX Core switches by sending an email inquiry to

With this request please include some additional detail:

  • The exact location of your equipment
  • The media type and connection speed
  • Equipment vendor, model, configuration.
  • Your Autonomous System Number
  • The MAC address of your Layer 3 equipment
  • The technical contact person for your organization(not publicly displayed)
  • Your peering contact(this will be displayed on our website)
  • Your peering policy: Open, Closed, Selective
  • A link to your peering requirements, if available

Connection Rules

  • Broadcast traffic must not be sent to VANIX except as required for normal operations
  • IPv6 Router Solicitation or Advertisement packets must be disabled
  • Spanning tree must be disabled
  • Layer 2 protocols such as CDP, UDLD, EDP, VTP, DTP, LLDP must be disabled
  • Interior routing protocols such as OSPF, ISIS, IGRP, and EIGRP must not operate over the exchange vlan
  • PIM traffic must not be sent to the exchange
  • Participants must use BGP4 to exchange routing information
  • Participants may not point a default route towards another exchange member without their express consent
  • Members should use a Layer 3 port where possible, Layer 2 ports may only advertise a single mac address

For configuration guidelines also see:

What does it cost?

In order to operate a high-quality Public Exchange Point, VANIX charges the following fees for services and connections.

Peers must be directly connected to the VANIX exchange. Transport or cross-connections are the responsibility of the Participant. All fees subject to applicable British Columbia taxes.

Port Speed Installation Fee Recurring Fee
1 Gbps Port $1,000 $1,200/yr
10 Gbps Port (< 4Gbps Utilization) $1,500 $2,400/yr
10 Gbps Port $1,500 $6,000/yr

Port Fees are invoiced yearly, paid in advance, prorated to Dec 31st as required

On-demand or on-site Support Per Hour
Regular Hours $150.00
Off Hours $300.00

Email support is available at no cost, staffed by volunteers so “best effort” availability only

Administration Fee
Bank Wire Transfers $15.00 (per transfer)
Paper Invoice $5.00 (per invoice)