AGM 2018

2018 VANIX Annual General Meeting

Dear VANIX Designated Member Representative,

The 2018 annual meeting of Vancouver Internet Exchange (VANIX) will be held at 12:30 PM on Monday, April 30, 2018. The meeting will take place at the Radisson Hotel Vancouver Airport located at 8181 Cambie Road, Richmond, British Columbia, V6X 3X9. The materials for the annual meeting are attached to this email.

The day’s activities will start with lunch at 12:00 PM, followed by the formal annual meeting at 12:30 PM. After that, there will be a presentation from the VANIX Operations Committee, to be followed by a general discussion.

The annual meeting is open to all those who are interested in the activities of VANIX and peering in the Vancouver area. However, only the designated member representatives (“DMRs”) of voting members of the Corporation as of April 9, 2018 or their proxyholders have a legal right to attend and vote at the formal part of the meeting. If you, as the DMR for your organization, cannot attend or do not wish to vote, you can appoint a Proxyholder to attend and vote in your place instead using the attached Proxy form. Proxies submitted must be received no later than Saturday, April 28, 2018 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time. Please send your completed, signed and dated Proxy either by: (1) fax to 1-613-248-5175; or (2) email to

The capacity of the event is limited so to register, please follow the following link Please note that DMR and proxyholder registrations made after April 22, 2018 will have to be made by contacting me directly at and will not include lunch.

2018 Vanix Board Nominees for Election as Directors

VANIX 2018 Director Nomination Application 2018 – John Stonier

VANIX 2018 Director Nomination Application 2018 – Mike Dahlstedt

VANIX 2018 Director Nomination Application 2018 – Tom Samplonius