A brief history of the Exchange, and our current status

September, 2013
– After inquiries about merging their two exchanges, BCNET and Peer1 hold a Town Hall style meeting to discuss a combined Exchange, which results in a great deal of interest

October, 2013
– A volunteer Steering Committee forms to take the necessary steps to create the Exchange Point

January, 2014
– First meeting of Steering Committee

April, 2014
– ARIN allocates IP address space for the Exchange

May, 2014
– Peer1 donates a fibre optic switch and LR optics, Skyway West donates collocation space and power in Harbour Centre MMR 6B. Existing connections to PIX in 6B is re-purposed to connect to this switch; VANIX goes “live”

May, 2014
– A website is created at the address www.vanix.ca

May, 2014
– Cologix donates space and power at 1050 West Pender St., and a dark fibre ring to connect to Harbour Centre.

June, 2014
– VANIX is announced at NANOG Peering Track

June, 2014 – BCNET donates a fibre optic switch and LR optics, and expands its offering to include bilateral peering, as well as continuing to offer its existing multilateral peering over the new Exchange connection

August, 2014 – Juniper Networks donates a fibre optic switch and LR optics for the Cologix site, VANIX’s initial core network is completed. Plentyoffish Media donates additional high-speed optics for redundant paths.

As of October 1, 2014, VANIX is now fully operational as a member-operated Internet Exchange Point. There are three Core switches; at BCNET, Harbour Centre MMR 6B, and Cologix VAN2 (1050 W Pender). The three switches are connected by 10 and 20 Gbit links, and are connected to the legacy extensions – BCNET (VANTX) and Peer1 Internet Exchange (PIX).