On August 29, 2015, Vancouver Internet Exchange (“VANIX”) was incorporated under the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act to facilitate peering at the VANIX exchange and to promote related activities

This new Corporation was created to promote Public Peering in Vancouver, BC through a distributed switch fabric that joins and extends the original Peer1 and BCNET peering points.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by the VANIX Membership, for two year terms. Elections occur annually, with one-half of the Board up for election while the other half remains in place. The Initial Directors were selected from volunteers and consist of:

  • Chris Murray, Chair (Cisco Systems)
  • Marilyn Hay, Vice-Chair (BCNET)
  • Christian Tacit, Secretary (Tacit Law)
  • John Stonier, Treasurer (VeloMetro)
  • Scott Jamieson (Quanta Telecom)
  • Tom Samplonius (Urban Communications Inc)
  • Mike Dahlstedt (Cipher TV Corp)


Currently the only operating Committee is the Operations Committee – but this group of volunteers does everything from configuring switches to updating these pages\

  • Tom Samplonius, Chair (Urban Communications Inc)
  • Chris Murray (Cisco)
  • Sam Buss (Cogeco Peer 1)
  • Rory Erickson (Plenty of Fish)
  • Ron Grant (Skyway West)
  • Marilyn Hay (BCNET)
  • Scott Jamieson (Quanta Telecom)
  • Alvaro Pereira (Cisco)
  • Andree Toonk (Cisco)
  • Gary Wachniak (Columbia Networks)
  • Alvin Wong (Cisco)
  • Toby Wong (BCNET)

Many thanks to all our volunteers, and to the companies who support their work!

VANIX Participants & Members

All companies with a valid Autonomous System Number are welcome to connect to the Exchange as Participants (here’s a list of existing Participants, and a link to our Getting Connected page).

Participants in good standing can choose to become Members, by request. Members may vote at Annual General Meetings.

Pursuant to the By-laws:

“Membership in the corporation shall be available to those organizations that have agreed to exchange communications network traffic at exchange point(s) operated and designated by the Corporation for that purpose from time to time and have applied and have been accepted by the Board for membership in the Corporation. Members may be admitted in such manner as may be prescribed by the Board by resolution. Each member is entitled to receive notice of, attend and vote at all meetings of members and each such member shall be entitled to one vote at such meetings.”

We invite organizations who may qualify for membership under the By-laws to apply. If your organization wishes to join, please contact our Secretary, Christian Tacit at ctacit_AT_tacitlaw.com and he will provide a membership application and explain the process for becoming a member. Please note that members are required to assign a Designated Member representative (“DMR”) for its formal dealings with VANIX.